The secret to keeping your Keylime lavender bag smelling lovely

If you have purchased a lavender bag from Keylime recently (only available at fairs at the moment), you may be wondering how long the sweet smell will last and if they can be refreshed? Well, here's how and its really simple...

The secret to getting the most out of your doggie lavender bag is to squeeze it from time to time - just like your dog I guess! Giving it a squeeze will release the scent of the lavender. Your lavender bag should last for years so if you have one in the bottom of the sock drawer, looking a little rejected, just give it a gentle squeeze to refresh the delightful aroma.

Keylime doggie lavender bags are filled with lavender grown in Yorkshire and supplied by Its simply the best I've found for scent and colour. Doggie lavender bags will be available on the website soon but in the meantime, pick one up at our fairs and enjoy that delightful aroma.

Kath x

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