Mind the gap draught excluder - fill it yourself!
mind the gap draught excluder 5 colours hanging
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Mind the gap draught excluder - fill it yourself!
black text and loops
red text and loops
grey text and loops
blue text and loops
solid black
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Mind the gap draught excluder - fill it yourself!

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Save money on your heating bills and find a new use for odd socks, old rags, polyester cushion filling, bags of rice - or whatever else you have waiting to be recycled. This draught excluder can be filled with a variety of things that you are sure to have lying about the house.

All the same colours and sizes as our original ready-filled draught excluders and made with the same beautiful printed linen.

Simply stuff with your chosen filling(s) and close up at one end with the velcro strips which have been sewn securely in place.

Once filled, lay your draught excluder in place on the floor or hang on the bottom of the chosen door with the two loops to ensure it stays in place.

When not in use, use the larger loop on the end to hang it on a peg or door knob.

Our fillable draught excluders are available in five eye catching colours with matching loops:

solid black with reversed out text

black text on natural linen

red text on natural linen

grey text on natural linen

blue text on natural linen

...inspired by colours used on the London tube lines - and all handmade to order.

Available in 3 lengths:

L32" (81.5cm)

L34" (86.5cm)

L36" (91.5cm)

H5" and weight when filled approx. 550g - 600g

Please note each one is handmade so there may be some slight variation in sizes.

To clean, spot clean or a quick once-over with the hoover nozzle to clear away any dust.

Your draught excluder will be delivered free (UK) and will arrive neatly packaged in spotted cellophane ready to wrap in your favourite paper, making it the perfect gift (if you can bear to give it away!)